Adrian Allen

Adrian Allen

Brand Strategist
Creative Director
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With over 18 years in the Production, Multimedia and Brand Strategy, The focus has always been about TELLING YOUR STORY!

Cruise Barbados: Brand Story

Telling the story of Barbados was one of my favorite projects. It’s all about exploring the landscapes of this beautiful Island, diving into the culture and seeing all that Barbados has to offer during your short cruise visit. 


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Pure Jamaica: Brand Story

I’ll bring your story to life by conveying purpose, strategy and engaging creativity

I have the requisite skills of a Brand Strategist, Producer and Creative Director, with strong technical skills in Story Telling. Over the past 19  years I’ve had the pleasure of working with more than 24 fortune 500 brands, media firms, networks and agencies to assist in the execution of media campaigns and the production of high value content for broadcast, corporate promotions, entertainment  and advertising.

Adrian Facebook TD

Technical Director for Facebook Watch: Mystery Tattoo Online Series

The Heart of Summer - Feature Film

Ready to TELL your story. Connect with me here.